Friday, February 28, 2020

Managing Human Resources Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Managing Human Resources - Coursework Example man resource management has changed its role from primarily administrative to a more influencing and facilitating position with an aim of adopting a commercial approach to HRM. Human Resources Management is business today is the hardest duty of a manager as coordination of capabilities of humans is central to the business’s achievement of the set goals. However, HR manager is faced with challenges as humans are constantly in conflict with their psychology, assumptions, aspirations and attitudes. HRM involves activities such as development strategies, employee training, coordination of employee benefits, performance management and recruiting and hiring employees (Tichy, Fombrum and Devanna, 1982). Although both human resource management and personal management are concepts involved with management of human labor in an organization, there are notable differences between the two concepts. Personal management is a traditional style while HRM is the new and modern version. Personal management is more inclined to focus on labor relations, employee welfare and personnel administration as opposed to motivation and sustainability and acquisition and development of human resources. During the 1990s when the concept of HRM took root in organizations, the two concepts were interchangeably used to mean the same things. However, social and economic development in the structure of organizations since 1990s have seen the evolution of HRM in order to cope with the needs of the ever changing business environment. Key areas of distinction between HRM and personal management can be examined in relation to leadership and management roles, contract of employment, job design and pay policy and the nature of relations. HRM has been described as a concept that takes two different forms; hard and soft HRM. The soft model is concerned with the humans and their self-direction with a view of emphasizing centrally on self- regulating behavior, trust and commitment. On the other hand, the

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