Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Social Use of Music in Contemporary American Society Essay

The Social Use of Music in Contemporary American Society - Essay Example Music can often define an individual’s place or desired place in society. The blue collar working individuals are often drawn to country music. Country music appeals and sympathizes with the every day events and hard ships experienced by the blue collar worker. Music that is currently popular or considered â€Å"popular music† as a genre, originates from R&B or African American blues or gospel music of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. This music originally was a mixture of European styles of music as well as indigenous music. Music styles such as rap music can be traced back to African Tribal music and chants. In modern day America, rap is an extremely successful and popular genre. It is also sometimes quite controversial as it tends to use explicit language and adult subject matters. Other cultures have also contributed a great deal to popular music of today. These cultures include Ukrainian, Irish, Jewish, Hispanic, Polish, and Scottish. America is the great melting pot and its diversity in popular music styles tells this story. Much of American music incorporates syncopation with irregular beats and long melodies. It has been said that this type of melody and asymmetry is in place in American music as an example o f the vast and wide open spaces of the country. In addition, it can be said that the diversity of American music is synonymous with American freedom and self expression.

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